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I don't like my wrap kit, can I return it?

We don't accept returns! All custom artwork will be sent to you for proofing before printing and will not be printed until we have received confirmation of your approval. Once proofed and printed, we are unable to accept returns.

I don't like my wrap kit, can I return it?

As we are a print-on-demand operation, the wrap kits are only manufacturered once they're ordered. If it is an issue on our end (for example color is red when you ordered blue), contact us and we'll be happy to make it right. Email us with pictures of the wrap kit fully installed and a description of the issue.

Our mistake is our mistake and your mistake is your mistake. The wrap kits are cut from pre-built templates and are specific to every machine and model - make sure to purchase the desired wrap kit intended for your year/make/model machine so that incorrect items are not purchased. This is not an accetable reason for return or refund.

We use the best quality vinyl available to the market; however, misuse can shorten the life span of your wrap kit. Proper installation is essential. We have tried to make the kit as simple as possible to self install; however, we are not responsible for self, or third party installation. If you have any questions regarding installation, we are more than happy to help. BHDWraps can recommend a trusted installer, local to you, experienced with our product. Contact us for more information.

Please note: In order for us to assess the situation appropriately, we need to see decent pictures of the wrap kit installed. All our kits are manufactured using pre-built templates and will require trimming post install. Failure to follow install instructions are not an acceptable reason for return or refund.

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