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Is there any warranty?

Our wrap kits are incredibly strong but they're not bullet proof. All our designs are archived so in the unlikely event you damage a piece, we can re-print the piece at cost.

Is there any warranty? is not liable for improper installation of wrap kits, failure to follow installation instructions, damage due to improper installation techniques.

We have tried to make the kit as simple as possible to self install; however, we are not responsible for self, or third party installation. If you have any questions regarding installation, we are more than happy to help. BHDWraps can recommend a trusted installer, local to you, experienced with our product. Contact us for more information.

Prior to installation, it's up to you to inspect the wrap and to contact us immediately if you find any manufacturers defects such as wrong color or wrong finish. If you have already installed the wrap kit and feel that you have found a defect, contact us. It's at the discretion of to determine whether or not the graphics are defective.

Please note: In order for us to assess the situation appropriately, we need to see decent pictures of the wrap kit installed. All our kits are manufactured using pre-built templates and will require trimming post install. Failure to follow install instructions are not an acceptable reason for return or refund.

Mocked up images are for reference purposes only and are intended to show approximate fitment; as such, images may not be 100% accurate. Differences in screen resolution may cause color to vary from images. Slight variations in color and placement should be expected.

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