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Before Installation

When you receive your kit keep it clean and stored away from any dust or pets. Dirt, dust, or hair can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive potentially leading to bubbles or even failure.

Before Installation

All factory or aftermarket decals and any left over residue must be removed from your machine prior to application of the wrap kit. Failure to do so could result in improper adhesion and greatly reduce the longevity of your wrap kit. Once all the decals have been removed, it is essential to clean every surface to which the graphic kit will be applied.

Water is not enough! Use Isopropyl alcohol (70% or 99%) to wipe down all surface areas where pieces will be applied. Textured plastics such as those found on recreational off-road vehicles like side-by-sides will grab and hold dirt - the Isopropyl alcohol wipe down must be repeated 3-5 times to ensure correct bonding between wrap kit adhesive plastics.​

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