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Thanks to the premium nature of our vinyl, Barrett Hepburn Design wrap kits are easily self-installed. Take your time and plan on spending a few hours installing your graphics and achieving best alingment. Please be aware, there will be trimmnig involved! All our kits are manufactured using pre-made templates with some pieces being over-sized for easier installation requiring trimming post install.


Pre-installation, it pays to place the pieces from the wrap kit onto the application surface with the paper backing still on. This allows you to get an idea of how they are positioned and how to achieve best alignment.

Once the kit is in place, pick a piece to lay and start with a corner. Roll back the edge of the vinyl on the starting corner. Remove the paper backing and apply corner to the application surface. Make sure the un-applied graphic is still lined up after the starting corner is applied. It is easiest to tack the piece down gently to begin with, in case you need to re-adjust the positioning. After entire graphic is lined up, peel back more backing paper from the un-applied graphic and use your thumb or a small squeegee to flatten out the graphic to the surface. It is best to start at the top of the piece and gradually work your way out / down toward the rest of the piece.

Repeat this process for remaining pieces until all graphics in the wrap kit are applied accordingly. Our wrap kits are made from thick vinyl giving the benefit of allowing pieces to be taken back up and adjusted until best alignment is achieved.

Once all pieces have been tacked down into flatten down into place, apply heat to set the adhesive. This essential step will bond your wrap kit to your machine allowing it to contour to the shape. A blow-dyer or heat gun works best. At this point, you can smoothe any small wrinkled edges. Apply a small amount of heat and tap it down with your finger to flatten these areas out.

It is important to note: there will be trimming involved! Inspect the kit and trim any pieces pieces over-hanging the plastics. Failure to trim appropriately could lead to improper fit and potential for dirt to become trapped underneath later leading to lifting and failure of the wrap kit due to improper installation. Be sure to use a sharp razor blade or knife to ensure clean cuts.

After installation is complete on all areas, let the machine sit for at least 24hrs in a clean, dry area.

We have done our best to make the graphics kit as easy as possible to install but if needed seek professional help or contact us.

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