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Installation Tips

Useful Tidbits

Installation Tips

There will be trimming involved! Expect to trim any excess vinyl from your machine.

The vinyl wrap kit pieces will become more maluable the warmer they get. Installing in a 60°F - 100°F environment is best.

Properly cleaning of the application surface prior to installation is critical for the longevity of your wrap kit.

For ease of re-installation of any hardware that may have been removed; use a razor blade, knife or scissors to carefully cut an "X" or single slit from the top side of the vinyl, through the hardware hole.

Be firm with the graphic wrap kit pieces to help avoid air bubbles developing.

If there are small airbubbles once you have finished heating the wrap kit and setting it in place, use a pin to release the air or wait until a sunny day and go for a ride - the direct heat from the sun will help to work them out.

There is no need to use soapy water to install our graphics.

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