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Can I get a custom designed wrap kit?

Yes! We're known worldwide for our UTV, SXS, Sled and ATV wrap kits with custom design being our specialty.

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Can I get an original BHD design concept customized?

Yes! We're able to color change any of our original design concepts to suit your needs. We can also add logos as requested.

I received my wrap kit, now what?

Great! Once you receive your kit, keep it clean and store in a warm, dry environment until you're ready for installation.

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What if I don't see my machine listed?

Contact us!

Will the wrap completely cover my machine?

No. Our wrap kits are produced from professional templates consisting of multiple pre-cut pieces which do not overlap. This means there will be seams between the pieces where some background color from your machine will still be visible.

Will the wrap kit match the color of my machine?

We try to match manufacturer colors or aftermarket powder coating to the best of our abilities.

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