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Welcome to Barrett Hepburn Design, - custom graphics specialists. Our comprehensive FAQ page is designed to provide answers to all the common questions; however, if you have any other queries please don't hesitate to contact us.

Barrett Hepburn Design and BHDWraps are dedicated to briging your build to the next level. We're stoked to be included in some of the biggest and best builds out there!

Custom Barett Hepburn Design matter chrome wrap kit Can-Am X3 octane blue manta green
Custom Barrett Hepburn Design Can-Am X3 Max wrap kit mountains trees animals blue silver

Can I get a custom designed wrap kit?



We're known worldwide for our wrap kits for UTV, SXS, Sled and ATV with custom design work being our specialty.

You can request a custom design of your own through o
ur Custom Design Request page. A pre-paid design deposit of $350 CAD is required before any artwork time is invested  - just like you, our time is very valuable to us! The design deposit secures your spot in the design / print line and will be deducted from the final total of your wrap kit. No custom artwork will be created or sent for proofing without custom design deposit.

Once ordered, one of our industry leading designers will reach out to begin the design process; working directly with you and staying in contact throughout the process to ensure the design stays true to your vision. Once designed, your custom artwork will be emailed to you for final proofing. At this point, minor changes can be made but please note that any drastic artwork changes to any custom order already underway, will be subject to an hourly artwork fee (for example a complete change of concept).

As soon as we receive email confirmation of your approval and the remaining balance is paid, the wrap kit will be printed and sent directly to your home or chosen installer.

The custom design process takes approx 14 working days from receiving concept and deposit to the custom wrap kit being sent out. Please keep this in mind if deadlines are a concern.

Barrett Hepburn Deisgn Can-Am X3 blue race wrap kit

Can I get an original BHD design concept customized?



We're able to color change any of our original design concepts to suit your needs. We can also add logos as requested. Contact us to request a color change for any of our original design concepts, or to add logos.


Please note: Drastic change requests for our original design concepts may be required to pre-pay design deposit. Artwork changes require a huge time investment on our end and just you, our time is valuable to us.

Custom Barrett Hepburn Design gloss chrome Can-Am X3 Max graffiti wrap kit

Will the wrap kit completely cover my machine?



Our wrap kits are produced from professional templates consisting of multiple pre-cut pieces which do not overlap. This means there will be seams between the pieces where some background color from your machine will still be visible.


When deciding on a custom concept for your machine, or an original design for your machine, we highly recommend taking the base color into consideration. Incorporating it into your design choice is helpful and allows the design to flow well with the machine.

Although the wrap will not 100% change the color of your machine, dependent on coverage level selected, the visibility of the original body color can be greatly reduced. If you wish to completely change the color of your machine, we recommend swapping the plastics to the desired color before application of wrap kits.

Can you work with my aftermarket doors?


The majority of builds we are involved with are utilizing aftermarket doors and require customization.


We have found the best plan with aftermarket doors is to over-size the pieces slightly. This way, the installer has more material to work with in order to find best alignment during the installation process. Some trimming will be required.

*It is essential to install the pieces for aftermarket doors last. This way, the installer can find the absolute best alignment with the rest of the stock pieces. Installing aftermarket door pieces first will lead to mis-alignment with the rest of the design and cannot be warrantied.

If we don't already have a template for the aftermarket doors you have, we may request a well-lit side shot of your machines, clearly showing the outline of the doors. This will allow us to create a custom template for your aftermarket doors.

Custom Barrett Hepburn Design Can-Am X3 manta green abstract mountains and trees wrap kit

Will the wrap kit match the color of my machine?

We try to match manufacturer colors to the best of our abilities.

Due to factors such as print pigment limitations, the discoloration of aging plastics, differences in screen resolution and other variables, the printed colors of the wrap kit may vary slightly from your vehicle so we are unable to fully guarentee a true color match.

Custom Barrett Hepburn Design gloss chrome Hona Talon 4 green wrap kit

What if I don't see my machine listed?

If it's a recreational off-road vehicle like a side-by-side or UTV, chances are we have a template for it.

We are able to design for, or transfer any of our original design concepts onto, any machine we have a good template for.

Custom Barrett Hepburn Design matte chrome Kawasaki KRX paisley green and purple wrap kit

I received my wrap kit, now what?  

Great!  Once you receive your kit, keep it clean, dry and warm!

Store away from dust and pets - any dirt, dust, or hair can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive, potentially leading to bubbling or even failure.

It is essential to clean your machine prior to installation - water is not enough! Use Isopropyl alcohol (70% or 99%) to wipe down all application surfaces. This step should be repeated 3-5 times to ensure correct adhesion once the wrap kit is applied.

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